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Negotiation Management IV

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Digital negotiation management and negotiation communication

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Training Content

Background and concept

Communication is the fundamental basis for successful negotiations and optimal negotiation results. However, negotiations are characterized by the nature of the negotiating partners, by different motives, preferences and strategies, and it is not uncommon for misunderstandings or lack of understanding to arise for the negotiating partner. Intensive information gathering therefore represents a critical success factor in both face-to-face and digital negotiations, which can be promoted with the help of specific communication tools. In digital negotiations in particular, it becomes more difficult to exchange information and to recognize the reactions of the other side. The lack of a shadow negotiation level does not allow for intuitive learning and structuring of information, but rather creates further uncertainties and information asymmetries.

In our interactive training, you will learn how you can best communicate in your negotiations and which basic communication theories and models can provide you with valuable support. Using the NAP methodology, you will learn how to interpret the various communication signals of your counterpart more easily, how to better adapt to your negotiation and discussion partner, and how to conduct your negotiations verbally and non-verbally with confidence.

  • Preparation Phase

“What is part of good invitation management and how can you allocate your own roles for the negotiation?”

  • Entry phase

“How much small talk should be made and how can I best assess my negotiating partner?”

  • Dialogue phase

“How should preferences, offers, and concessions be formulated?”

  • Closing phase

“How can the right signals be sent and misunderstandings avoided?”

  • Controlling phase

“How should an evaluation of the negotiation situation be conducted and what next steps should be taken?”

Your take-aways

Negotiators need to be aware of a few pitfalls with digital appointments. Companies and executives should professionalize their on-screen negotiations as soon as possible. Because one thing is certain: Digital negotiations will become the norm, even if the pandemic comes to an end. 91 percent of managers at German companies also believe that the importance of digital negotiations will continue to increase in the future."

Voeth / Herbst / Pöschl,
Harvard Business Manager, 2021

The program is aimed at managers from companies and administration, e.g., from sales, purchasing, human resources, IT, logistics, service, finance, M&A, legal departmentor management.

Key Facts

The 1-day seminar is limited to 12 participants. As the number of participants is limited, registrations will be considered according to their receipt. 

The cost of participation per participant is 620,- Euro.

Venue The NAP seminar takes place digitally. Registration until October 28th 2022 Click here to register. For questions you can reach us at Phone: + 49 331 2016 9258 E-mail: info@nap-digital.de