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Enhance Your Negotiation Skills with Our Training and Negotiation Management Approach – Ideal for Beginners, Experienced Practitioners, and Everyone in Between. Our methodology significantly improves your negotiation performance at every level of experience, leads to better outcomes, and helps you recognize and utilize win-win potentials.

Our innovative tools and methods offer you a new, scientific perspective on negotiations. We have condensed decades of negotiation research into an effective toolkit. In our training sessions, you will learn step by step how to effectively apply these research findings in key business areas such as procurement, sales, and human resource management.

Our training modules build on each other. You start with the negotiation management approach in the Knowledge & Competences seminar, deepen your knowledge in the Application & Practice seminar and specialize in important areas of negotiation management, such as Claim Management. We also offer you exclusive training on our NEMA software, which allows you to experience our toolbox digitally. For a short time, you will even receive free access to NEMA for one year.

Register now for our negotiation training and seize the opportunity to perfect your negotiation strategies. We look forward to welcoming you to our courses


Do you need a tailored training programme for your needs? We tailor our inhouse trainings with you on a personal and individual basis.