NAP Consulting

Embed scientifically validated negotiation success in your organization


Through many years of cooperation with the practice and implementation of negotiation management in the companies of our clients, we are happy to advise you on the development of professional negotiation structures.

The NAP uses the latest scientific methods to redesign operational processes, as those in sales or purchasing, to analyze the negotiation performance of the organization, or to select new negotiators.

Organizational development

The NAP supports and guides you in setting up organizational negotiation structures and areas for the implementation of a professional and holistic negotiation management in your company. In addition to the selection and training of internal negotiation experts, our portfolio also includes the implementation of Competence Centers, representative internal company events on the topic of negotiations, the implementation of negotiation competitions within the organizations, digital solutions, specific negotiation guides, or the preparation of committee documents.

In addition, a Competence Center can serve as an internal consultancy and ensure that the tools and methods of negotiation management are used in the important negotiations and are passed on within the organization. 

Negotiation controlling

The NAP Balanced Scorecard, which specializes in negotiations, ensures a balanced system of objectives and key performance indicators, which you can use to carry out optimal controlling of your negotiations. It contains the most important strategic negotiation goals and illuminates them from different perspectives. In addition, each objective is provided with individual key performance indicators, which allow you to measure the achievement of objectives.

Prof. Dr. Markus Voeth
Our many years of experience in accompanying various negotiations in different industries show us the weak points and critical levers, especially in the preparation of negotiations. The NAP methodology is therefore, in addition to the scientific foundation, above all practice-oriented and individually applicable.

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