Standard work in negotiation management:

The textbook by Prof. Dr. Markus Voeth and Prof. Dr. Uta Herbst presents a comprehensive approach to business negotiation management based on the NAP methods. Based on practical experience and the latest findings in negotiation research, it explains instruments and tools for planning, managing and controlling negotiations. Concise examples are used to demonstrate the implementation in practice.


Negotiation management papers series:

The series on negotiation management, edited by Prof. Dr. Uta Herbst and Prof. Dr. Markus Voeth, examines research questions in the field of “negotiations” from a management perspective and promotes scientific discourse in the area of business negotiation research.


NAP Study: How do German managers negotiate after the pandemic?

In a recent study based on a survey of more than 300 negotiators from various industries, the NAP examined the negotiating behavior of German managers after the pandemic.


First well-founded study: "How do Swiss executives negotiate?"

The first representative scientific study on the negotiating behaviour of Swiss managers: Although Swiss and German managers are very similar, there are also interesting differences!

Selected publications

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