Study and doctorate at the Negotiation Academy Potsdam


Study negotiation management

The MBA Negotiation Management, founded by Prof. Dr. Uta Herbst as Academic Director in 2016 at the University of Potsdam in cooperation with the NAP, represents the first interdisciplinary negotiation degree program in Germany that makes the various methods and perspectives of negotiation research available to managers.

Based on a business understanding of management processes and leadership tasks, you will learn how to manage complex negotiation situations in a goal-oriented and efficient manner through theoretical reflection, practical exercises and the qualified feedback of negotiation experts.

Doctorate in negotiation management

If you want to do your doctorate in negotiation management, Prof. Dr. Uta Herbst and Prof. Dr. Markus Voeth of the NAP will be happy to support you in your dissertation project, provided you meet the necessary requirements.

We offer you ideal conditions for your dissertation project, with personal supervision, doctoral seminars held several times a year exclusively on the topic of negotiations, and the opportunity to discuss your research ideas with renowned national and international negotiation researchers. Feel free to contact us to learn more.

Feel welcome to contact us to learn more