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Recognizing potential and actively countering claims


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Claim negotiations are currently a key issue for purchasing and sales. The accelerated transition to e-mobility, the supply crisis as a result of the Ukraine war and the fragmentation of supplier networks as a result of the Corona pandemic are putting increasing strain on existing contracts. In the process, claim situations are increasing in severity due to the great pressure on costs and margins.

In order to master the demands of claim negotiations, the training will provide you with valuable knowledge and behavioral patterns for claim situations. With the help of the NAP method approach, you will learn to deal confidently with renegotiations and to find ways out of situations that are difficult to resolve.

Claim requirements “What legal and relationship claims can the claim be based on?”
Claim forms “Is there a hardball claim, contract claim, relationship claim, or creative claim?”
Claim response pattern “How to respond to claim demands with confidence?”
Prof. Dr. Uta Herbst
Claim negotiations are a popular "toy" in many industries. However, their use should be carefully considered. Whereas in the past they were often seen as an additional bonus opportunity to increase margins retrospectively, claims are now increasingly based on existential reasons.

Ihre Take-aways

You will understand why more and more negotiators are specifically focusing on claim management ("change management") and what risks, but also opportunities, exist in this.
You will get to know different forms of claims and will be able to assign your negotiation situations to the claim forms.
Know how to handle claim negotiation situations and what to look for when dealing with the other side in these negotiations.
You know the background of the current exploding claim negotiations.
You have the opportunity to share experiences and network with other executives.​​​

Key Facts

The program is aimed at managers from companies and administration, e.g., from sales, purchasing, finance, M&A, legal departmentor management.

The 1-day negotiation training is limited to 12 participants. As the number of participants is limited, registrations will be considered according to their receipt. 

670 euros per participant.

The NAP seminar takes place at the Potsdam location in the prestigious premises of the University of Potsdam.

Until 14 days before the start of the seminar

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