Impact of digital negotiation settings & New Work


The Corona crisis and the associated travel and contact bans have enormously accelerated digitization in the area of negotiation as well. Current studies already show that negotiators will continue to make increasing use of digital or hybrid negotiation solutions in the future.

Since digital meetings can be conducted from “anywhere” in line with the New Work movement, more and more companies are taking advantage of home office working options. The shift to (temporary) work from home, has now evolved into a fundamental change in business processes and ways of working towards New Work methods. However, the establishment of these processes in companies raises additional effectiveness and efficiency issues. It is unclear, for example, how established processes and procedures must or can be modified or retained within New Work. Taking into account scientific findings from social psychology, communication theories and negotiation management, the NAP examines the effects of digital negotiation settings on your negotiations. The core questions are what effect the use of the camera function has in virtual meetings, in which situations its use makes sense and is effective, and how you can profitably use negotiations from the home office.