NAP Projects



In our coaching sessions, we personally accompany particularly complex and difficult negotiation situations with the appropriate methods of the NAP methodology.

In the context of the supervised tendering of a purchasing department, negotiations were held with the quality leader in the market. The goal was to ultimately award the contract to the quality leader in the upcoming tender, but to use the competitors to obtain a stronger concession from the quality leader. Over the course of several workshops, the initial situation of the negotiation was comprehensively analyzed and a strategy for the concrete procedure within the tender was developed with the NAP.

With the help of the structured approach (instead of the otherwise usual “acting on gut instinct”), it was possible to set a clear focus and negotiate with confidence. The joint discussions, analyses of the dependency relationships, supplier-specific lines of argument, the creation of the right negotiating atmosphere, and the repeated “challenging” of the planned approach were able to uncover further starting points and in the end persuade the supplier to make a strong concession.


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