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Learning to negotiate in a scientifical and practical way

Director Prof. Dr. Uta Herbst

Director Prof. Dr. Markus Voeth

At the Negotiation Academy Potsdam, our philosophy is that negotiators can achieve better negotiation results by using the latest scientific methods.

Therefore, we have developed a holistic, interdisciplinary methodological approach to negotiation, which we have been using in combination with our best practice insights for many years in all training and Coaching & Consulting activities.

We firmly believe that we can help companies achieve better results not only in the 5 percent most difficult negotiations, but in all negotiations. We know that this is possible regardless of hierarchy level, function, or industry. This is true for individual negotiators as well as for entire organizations.

Because our team has been individually taught by us and because we have a long-standing working connection with you, all of our experienced consultants, trainers, and coaches follow this attitude 100 percent in their projects with you.

The NAP Methodology is also the right way to your negotiation success!

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Trusting, committed and individual cooperation

Numerous customers from a wide range of industries rely on the NAP methodology

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Top excellence consultants, trainers and coaches with passion

Our consultants and trainers have extensive expertise in negotiation management and create programs specifically for your business. Prof. Herbst and Prof. Voeth personally instructed each trainer, and they are all experts in NAP technique. We can also guarantee that we will support your negotiations professionally thanks to our extensive experience across a variety of industries.

Management o the NAP

Prof. Dr. Uta Herbst


Prof. Dr. Uta Herbst is the director of the Negotiation Academy Potsdam and a professor of business administration at the University of Potsdam. Her research in the areas of gender negotiation, collective bargaining, health care sector negotiations, and industrial purchasing and sales negotiations spans many years. She has assisted numerous known DAX firms and SMEs from the automotive, construction, chemical, banking, logistics, aviation, and pharmaceutical industries in difficult negotiations for many years.

Professor Dr. Markus Voeth is the Director of the Negotiation Academy Potsdam and a professor of business administration at the University of Hohenheim. Since 1995, he has worked as a management consultant and coach for major DAX firms and SMEs in the area of negotiation management. His work focuses on price negotiations, purchasing and sales negotiations, collective bargaining, and M&A negotiations in the automotive, construction, chemical, finance, logistics, aviation, and pharmaceutical industries.

Prof. Dr. Markus Voeth


Dr. Maximilian Ortmann

Mitglied der Geschäftsleitung

Dr. Maximilian Ortmann joined the Executive Board in 2022 after operating as a consultant and coach at the Negotiation Academy Potsdam since 2016. He has vast expertise in the automotive, construction, chemical, and aviation industries (about € 10 billion in total volume coached), and he is an expert in the field of negotiating targets.

Katja Goericke

Office Manager und Legal Advice

Katja Goericke is a lawyer. With her many years of experience in business and office management, she is strengthening our team as Office Manager and Legal Advice since September 2022.
Laars Teichmann

Consultant und Coach

Lars Teichmann has been a negotiation consultant and coach at the Negotiation Academy Potsdam since 2022. Since 2021, he supported various bilateral and tender projects in the sectors of IT & Software, Real Estate & Construction and Logistics, with a total contract awarding volume of over 500 Mio. €.
Lucas Manzke


Since 2021, Lucas Manzke has worked as the Negotiation Academy Potsdam’s chief technology officer. With years of experience in the consumer goods, automotive, construction, finance, and IT infrastructure management industries, he specializes in software development, database optimization, and IT infrastructure management (DevOps, Full Stack, etc.).

Dr. Niklas Bronnert

Senior Consultant und Coach

Since 2019, Dr. Niklas Bronnert has worked as a coach and consultant at the Potsdam Negotiation Academy. He has vast expertise in the automotive, construction, finance, logistics, and aviation industries (about € 5 billion in total volume coached), and he is a specialist in the field of digital negotiation support systems.