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Doctoral Degree at NAP


You are currently working on your doctoral degree or are planning to do so? NAP offers various support:


  • Summer School: Within NAP’s summer school you have the opportunity to discuss methods and obstacles of negotiation research with national and international experts from research and practice. The summer school focuses for example on international negotiations or functional and sectoral characteristics of negotiations. Thereby, you gain comprehensive insights in interesting branches of negotiation research. Furthermore, the summer school’s aim is that you can pass on the learnt knowledge to colleagues, employees and students.
  • Seminars and workshops: NAP regularly offers seminars and workshops for scholarship holders of foundations (e.g. Stiftung der Deutschen Wirtschaft) as well as for postgraduate schools (e.g. University of Potsdam).
  • Supervision of degree theses: We offer supervision of a doctoral degree in the field of negotiation management, if you meet the necessary conditions for a dissertation. NAP offers ideal conditions for a dissertation in the field of negotiation management as you can discuss your research ideas with renowned national and international negotiation researchers.
  • Publication series in negotiation management: If you are searching for a renowned publication series for the publication of your dissertation in the field of negotiation management, our publication series is open to you. You can find further information on the publication series here.

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The NAP is the first university academy for negotiation in Germany. Our goal is to generate latest findings in research on issues of negotiation management. Based on these insights, the negotiation training seminars of the NAP educates practitioners to improve their negotiating skills in order to optimize their purchasing negotiations, sales negotiations, personnel negotiations or e.g. collective bargaining.
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