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Certificate Program

Why? With this certificate you can aquire the ability to specifically prepare, perform and control complex negotiations on the basis of a systematic management process. The variety of introduced tools and instruments is going to provide guidance to attain optimal prospective negotiation outcomes. Thereby all contents are based on the latest findings of the negotiation research.

What? The program "Professional Negotiator" consists of two consecutive seminars (Modul 1 and Modul 2) with two days of required attendance each and a subsequent revision of the aspired learning goals. The modules of the certificate, which are also seperately available, are creditable for the MBA Program of the Negotiation Academy at the University of Potsdam.

How? The Implementation of the seminar days is interactive. Through theoretically based reflections, practical excercises and innovative teaching methods (i.e. Online-Agents negotiations) as well as the qualified feedback of negotiation experts from science and practice, you will learn to manage complex negotiations professionally.

Detailed information can be found HERE.

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The NAP is the first university academy for negotiation in Germany. Our goal is to generate latest findings in research on issues of negotiation management. Based on these insights, the negotiation training seminars of the NAP educates practitioners to improve their negotiating skills in order to optimize their purchasing negotiations, sales negotiations, personnel negotiations or e.g. collective bargaining.
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