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Negotiation Management

German politicians do not possess the best requirements for deal making. This is the result of a current study of the Negotiation Academy Potsdam (NAP). As first research institute NAP empirically investigated deal making in politics. Based on a representative population survey, 350 members of Bundestag, State, and European Parliament took part in the study. Results have been presented at a press conference in Berlin on wednesday, july 19th.

You can find a summary of the results here.

You can find the working paper here.

You can find the Press Release here

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The NAP is the first university academy for negotiation in Germany. Our goal is to generate latest findings in research on issues of negotiation management. Based on these insights, the negotiation training seminars of the NAP educates practitioners to improve their negotiating skills in order to optimize their purchasing negotiations, sales negotiations, personnel negotiations or e.g. collective bargaining.
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