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NAP on IACM 2018

The Negotiation Academy Potsdam was represented at the International Association for Conflict Management (IACM) conference in Philadelphia (July 8th - 11th) with eight current research contributions in the field of Negotiation Management. The Chair of Marketing at the University of Potsdam (Prof. Dr. Uta Herbst) and the Chair of Marketing and Business Development at the University of Hohenheim (Prof. Dr. Markus Voeth) presented their current research results at the conference to the following subject of Negotiation Management: 

  • Brand Relevance In Business Negotiations - A Conceptual Approach (Stefani, A. M. & Voeth, M.; University of Hohenheim)

  • IU/UI-Analysis In Negotiations: Preference Differences As A Mean To Enhance Negotiation Performance In Unbalanced Power Conditions - An Experimental Study (Siebert, E. & Herbst, U.; University of Potsdam)

  • Long Story Short: An Empirical Analysis Of Storytelling Effects In Negotiations (Degenhart, A., Gnanes, S., Herbst, U. & Voeth, M.; University of Hohenheim and University of Potsdam)

  • Negotiation History In Business Relationships - (How) Does It Affect Negotiation Behavior And Outcome? (Herbst, U. & Ortmann, M.; University of Potsdam)

  • No Numbers Needed? - The Power Of Semantic Anchoring (Weber, M. & Herbst, U.; University of Potsdam)

  • PTA As A Weak Point - The Impact Of Perspective Taking Ability In Negotiations With Unequal Power Distribution (Hebisch, B. & Herbst, U.; University of Potsdam)

  • Ready, Steady, Go: The Meaning Of Contexts And Conditions For Mediators´ Entry (Sand, J., Voeth, M. & Brauchler, K.; University of Hohenheim)

  • The Ambidextrous Negotiator: Negotiation Behavior and Individual Negotiation Outcome (Poeschl, I. & Voeth, M.; University of Hohenheim)

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The NAP is the first university academy for negotiation in Germany. Our goal is to generate latest findings in research on issues of negotiation management. Based on these insights, the negotiation training seminars of the NAP educates practitioners to improve their negotiating skills in order to optimize their purchasing negotiations, sales negotiations, personnel negotiations or e.g. collective bargaining.
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