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Use of AI to evaluate negotiation dashboards

Resilient data is the basis of successful negotiation management. Many companies are currently in the process of expanding systematic negotiation preparation and thus creating databases in which explicit negotiation-related data is stored. This is happening, for example, with the use of the NAP NEMA. Even without systematic negotiation management activities in the form of software, companies have been storing negotiation-related data for years without knowing it and without evaluating it. This data is aggregated and summarized by NAP in databases and optimized with the help of various AI process evaluations, so that the treasure that this data represents can unfold its full value: Providing information and metrics as a basis for conducting negotiations and making management decisions. In order to exploit the potential offered by combining multiple negotiation databases, an interface must be created that bundles and prepares the department-specific information: A negotiation controlling dashboard. The dashboard thereby makes it possible to track and understand the most important KPIs and metrics of a company’s negotiations in the overall context.

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